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Diamond Program

18 Days

Price $7575.00*

Depart : Aug22,2017
Return : Sep10,2017

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Ruby Program

21 Days

Price $7275.00*

Depart : Aug22,2017
Return : Sep13,2017

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Emerald Program

14 Days

Price $6975.00*

Depart : Aug22,2017
Return : Sep06,2017

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Accommodation Info

Madinah Munawwarah

Ansar Golden Hotel

(next to ladies gate #25 of Masjid e Nabawi)

4 Per Room
3 Min Walk
3 Meals Per Days

Makkah Mukarrammah

Retaj Al-Bayt Hotel

4 Per Room
Haram View
3 Min Walk
2 Meals Per Days

Azizia Villa

South Azizia, Taif Road

4-6 Per Room
10 Min Walk
3 Meals Per Days

Minah / ArafatMuzdalifah

Ayammul Hajj

Special Services
American Tent
A/C in Mina & Arafat
3 Meals Per Day


Round Trip Airfare ORD/MED/JED/ORD
Ziarat in Madinah By Professional Guide
Food & Refreshments:
Sub Continental & Arabic Cuisine & Fruits
Deluxe VIP Buses From Madinah To Makkah


Saudi GOVT. Hajj Fee $350.00
Courier Fee $50.00/Family
Qurbani $150.00/Person
Add on Airfare From Other US Cities
Side Trip To Any Country, Before or After Hajj

Seeru Travel Hajj Programs Details:

We are offering 3 packages for the 2017 Hajj Season. Seeru Travel strives to make your journey of a lifetime a memorable one, Insha’Allah.

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